How the Fear of Being Wrong Limits Students and Teachers

Rae Pica withAinissa Ramirez, Ph.D., Peter DeWitt, Ed.D., Jill Berkowicz, Ed.D.

One of the factors that limits risk taking in learning and teaching is the fear of being wrong. In this segment we explore this fear and offer solutions.

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Episode Guests
Ainissa Ramirez is a scientist, speaker, and the author of two books (Newton’s Football; Save Our Science). She co-hosts a science podcast called Science Underground. Peter DeWitt (Ed.D.) is a former school principal in Upstate, NY, and he is now a Visible Learning trainer. His syndicated blog Finding Common Ground is published by Education Week and he is a freelance writer for Vanguard Magazine. Jill Berkowicz Ed.D. works with school districts and building eaders facing the current challenges of evaluation for the improvement of teacher and leader performance, as they lead systems in service to children. She consults for Learner-Centered Initiatives.
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