How to Create a Compelling and Effective Social Studies Lesson

Larry Ferlazzo with Deborah Gatrell, Denise Facey, Carina Whiteside, and Mark Honyman

We’ve all taught good lessons and we’ve all taught bad lessons. What Makes a Good Social Studies Lesson? In this episode, we look at how to create a compelling and effective social studies lesson and offer some tips and strategies.

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Episode Guests
Deborah Gatrell is National Board Certified Teacher and Utah Teacher Fellow alumni in Granite School District. She serves as the Social Studies department chair and a Mentor for new teachers in her building. Deborah teaches 9th grade World Geography and 10th grade AP European History. Denise Fawcett Facey was a classroom teacher for more than two decades and now writes on education issues. Among her books, The Social Studies Helper offers activities and projects that make social studies more vibrant and engaging for secondary-level students. Throughout his 35 years as an educator in the Bloomfield Hills School District, Carina Whiteside is an educator that is passionate about teaching social studies for civic engagement and social justice. She is a member of the Hope Street Group Utah Teacher Fellows which works to build connections between classroom teachers and policymakers who will benefit all students. Mark Honeyman devoted himself to encouraging his students to embrace their voices and their power as change agents in the world around them. 450 of his students gained recognition for their writing, winning nearly $60,000 in scholarships and awards.
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