Identifying and Nurturing the Gifted Child

Rae Pica with Joan Franklin Smutny, Clara Hemphill, Liz Willen

How do you determine if a child is gifted? Can the gifted child be identified by a standardized test? Can the test results be gamed by test preparation? Are there different types of giftedness? Should gifted children be segregated and surrounded by other gifted children? Are teachers prepared to teach the gifted child?

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Joan Franklin Smutny is founder and director of the Center for Gifted at National-Louis University and a winner of the NAGC Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the field of education. Clara Hemphill, writer, editor, and public school parent dedicated to informing other parents about New York City’s public schools. The New York Times called her three books “the most definitive guides” to the city’s schools. Liz Willen is the Associate editor of the Hechinger Report at Teachers College, Columbia University. She was formerly a senior writer for Bloomberg Markets magazine focusing on higher education.
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