Inquiry: Helping Students Ask and Answer Their Own Questions

Rae Pica withDan Rothstein, Aleta Margolis, Jason Flom

In this segment we’re introduced to the wonder, experiment, learn cycle. Tune in and get some powerful strategies for guiding students through a rigorous inquiry process.

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Episode Guests
Dan Rothstein is one of the founders of the Right Question Institute (RQI) and has been part of a team working for the past 25 years on finding the simplest, most effective ways to help all people learn to ask better questions and participate in decisions that affect them. Aleta Margolis founded Center for Inspired Teaching in 1995 to build a better school experience for students by transforming the role of the teacher from information provider to Instigator of Thought. Jason Flom taught upper elementary teacher for 11 years and is now the Learning and Communications Director at Cornerstone Learning Community. He founded and still edits the multi-author education blog, Ecology of Education, and is currently serving as faculty for ASCD with a primary focus in increasing literacy in the sciences.
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