Is Structured or Non-structured Recess the Way to Go?

Rae Pica with Steven Roy Goodman, Deborah Meier & MeMe Roth.

Some say the obesity crisis mandates that we structure recess so that we use the limited time allotted for physical activity effectively. Others counter that school is already over-structured and that the bigger threat to children is the loss of initiative, which is more readily nurtured through unstructured recess. Does structured recess turn children off to being active? More instruction or more space? Listen and decide.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Steven Roy Goodman is an educational consultant in Washington, DC. Over the past 20 years, Steve has assisted more than 1,700 applicants to various schools, colleges and universities. Deborah Meier, considered the founder of the modern small schools movement and has spent more than 40 years working in and for K-12 public schools, as teacher and principal. She is a senior scholar at NYU. MeMe Roth, founder and president of the non-partisan advocacy group, is a national news pundit on the topics of obesity, nutrition, and corporate health and wellness.
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