Is Your Child Busy Enough or Too Busy?

Sandra Hofferth, Ph.D. and Andrée Aelion Brooks with Rae Pica

Trumpet lessons, tennis lessons, soccer, gymnastics, Boy Scouts… While some argue that today’s children are overbooked, overscheduled and stressed out, some children just seem to thrive on the lots of activity. So how much is too much? Listen in as two experts try to answer this question.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Sandra Hofferth, Ph.D.Professor Director, Maryland Population Research Center. Much of Hofferth’s research focuses on children’s time, including estimates of children’s media, studying, and sports participation time as well as estimates of time children spend with their mothers and fathers. Andrée Aelion Brooks is an award-winning journalist, author and lecturer. Brooks is also an Associate Fellow at Yale University.
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