Long Term English Language Learners: How Do We Support Them?

Larry Ferlazzo with Antoinette Perez, Tabitha Pacheco, and Aubrey Yeh

Who are long term English language learners?  What contributes to their extend classification as ELLs? What unique needs do these students have and what strategies can we use to support them?

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December 27, 2019
Episode Guests
Antoinette Perez has more than ten years of experience working with English Language Learners of all levels, including extensive experience with international and adult learners. She has worked in California and Georgia at schools with high percentages of ELs, which motivated her to obtain TEFL certification. Aubrey Yeh is the Coordinator of Language Arts & Humanities in the East Network, overseeing art, music, theatre, dance, PE, health, world languages, social studies, and language arts for K-12 students in the Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to this, she served as an Education Technology Specialist, Tabitha Pacheco is a National Board Certified Teacher in Exceptional Needs. She has ten years of classroom experience in public, charter, and digital education settings as a Teacher, Instructional Coach, Mentor, Special Education Director, and Educational Consultant. In 2013, she was awarded the Utah State Office of Education “Significant Disabilities Teacher of the Year” for outstanding leadership and commitment to students with disabilities.
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