Managing Aggressive Children

Jane Nelson & T. Atilla Ceranoglu with Rae Pica

Kicking, biting, hitting, fighting, why are some children more aggressive than others? In this segment our guests explore the foundations of aggression in children, the causes, the warning signs and specific techniques for preventing and managing aggression from birth to age eight.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Dr. Jane Nelsen is a mother of 7, grandmother of 20, a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist and the author and/or co-author of a series of books, which include the Positive Discipline series. Dr. Atilla Ceranoglu is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and is on faculty at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children. His clinical interests include the treatment of psychological problems in children who suffered severe injuries.
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