Meningitis Tools Every School Nurse Needs

Donna Mazyck with Beth Mattey, MSN, RN, NCSN, Jamie Schanbaum

Meningitis is a deadly disease that can overcome a person within hours. However the disease can be prevented. In this segment we discuss the disease, the signs, symptoms and the recommended vaccine. We also provide links to free resources created specifically for school nurses to inform parents and students about this disease.

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September 12, 2013
Episode Guests
Beth Mattey, MSN, RN, NCSN has been a school nurse in the Brandywine School District for 26 years. Beth is President-Elect for the National Association of School Nurses. In addition, she is an instructor at the University of Delaware. Jamie Schanbaum is a Paralympic Cyclist Survivor National Get in the Game Campaign Ambassador. In November 2008, 20-year-old Jamie Schanbaum almost lost her life to a serious, yet potentially vaccine-preventable bacterial infection called meningococcal septicemia. READ TRANSCRIPT
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