Moving From Thinking About Student Deficits to Student Assets

Larry Ferlazzo with Carmen Nguyen, Adeyemi Stembridge and Larry Walker

How does teaching and learning change when we shift our attention from student deficits to student assets?  What are the challenges? How do we surmount them?

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November 19, 2019
Episode Guests
Carmen Nguyen is currently a Professional Development Specialist for ELs. Her passion for advocating for English learners and their families stems from my own experience as an immigrant and language learner. She supports educators by providing professional development that is founded on research-based instructional strategies to help ensure educational equity for all students. Adeyemi Stembridge, Ph.D. is an educational consultant specializing in equity-focused school-improvement. He is a coach and thought-partner to teachers and administrators with an interest in the design of culturally responsive systems and learning experiences for students. Dr. Larry J. Walker is an Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education, University of Central Florida. He has an extensive teaching, research and policy background. He served as the Legislative Director for former Congressman Major R. Owens. Dr. Walker has authored/co-authored several journal articles and book chapters.
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