Moving Students (and Teachers) from Hating Math to Loving It

Rae Pica with Allen C. Rosale, Dr. Eugene Geist

Math is a petrifying subject to many students and teachers alike. Our guests say that with a shift in our approach, both students and teachers can learn to love math. Learn more…

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Sian Beilock, Jessica Lahey, Joan Young
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October 17, 2015
Episode Guests
Allen C. Rosales has over twenty years of experience as an early childhood educator and is the author of Mathematizing, An Emergent Math Curriculum Approach for Young Children. His work with teachers and professional-learning communities has won national and state recognition, awards, and grants. Dr. Eugene Geist is an associate professor in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University in Athens Ohio. His areas of specialty: child development, constructivism, the development of mathematical knowledge in young children and using music to promote learning and development.
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