Parent Envy? Our Love-Hate Relationship With Our Teens

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle, Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D, Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Teen driving you crazy? Sometimes to better understand your teen, you have to better understand yourself. Our guests make a provocative case that often the struggle with teens is the result of unspoken parent envy. You won’t want to miss this eye-opening discussion.

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March 9, 2013
Episode Guests
PCarl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D., blogs at Surviving (your child’s) Adolescence for Psychology Today and is the author of several books, including SURVIVING YOUR CHILD’S ADOLESCENCE. Annie Fox, M.Ed., is an educator and award-winning author. Annie’s books include The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating; Too Stressed to Think?, and the new Middle School Confidential book and app series.
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