Proficiency Versus Growth: Why the Difference Really Matters

Dr. Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin with Rick Wormeli

The confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos triggered a firestorm around the differences between proficiency and growth. Join us as we unpack why the difference matters to every educator, parent, and student.

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April 7, 2017
Episode Guests
Rick Wormeli, a long time classroom veteran, now award-winning author and teacher trainer, was one of the first Nationally Board Certified Teachers in America as well as Disney’s Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation in 1996. Today, he train teachers and principals in all 50 states and eight countries, writes for education journals and magazines, and is working on his 12th book. Dr. Brad Gustafson is the principal and lead learner at Greenwood Elementary in Minnesota and author of Renegade Leadership: Creating Innovative Schools for Digital Age Learners Ben Gilpin is the principal at Warner Elementary School in Spring Arbor.
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