Rethinking “Good Writing” in the Age of Texting and Tweeting

Rae Pica withAmy Conley, David Cutler

Radically creative abbreviations and emoticons are the tools of a generation raised on communicating in shorthand. What are the implications for the future of what we traditionally consider “good writing?”

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Sian Beilock, Jessica Lahey, Joan Young
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October 31, 2015
Episode Guests
Amy Conley writes, researches, and teaches about positive psychology and its connection to learning. Her book Teacher Mindset, Motivation, and Mastery: Connecting Learners to Their Purpose, Passion, and Positivity comes out in March 2016. David Cutler teaches history and journalism at Brimmer and May, an independent school in Chestnut Hill, MA. He also serves as a Teacher of the Future for the National Association of Independent Schools.
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