Rethinking Student Discipline, Punishment and Accountability

Larry Ferlazzo withTimothy Hilton, Shane Safir, Jen Adkins

The notion of restorative justice and peer courts are growing in popularity. Tune in as we discuss these new models of student discipline and accountability.

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February 3, 2016
Episode Guests
Timothy Hilton has been been an educator in South Los Angeles for 8 years, teaching social studies courses ranging from EL World History to AP European History. Shane Safir has worked at every level of the school system, from the classroom to the boardroom. She became the founding principal for June Jordan School Equity in San Francisco. In the past 12 years at Luther Burbank High School, Jen Adkins has been a 9/10/12 English teacher, and has served as the ASB advisor, and is currently a Restorative Practices Facilitator co-teaching the Peer Court Program.
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