Rewards for Academic Performance: A Good Idea?

Rae Pica with Edward Deci, Ph.D., James Windell, M.A., Lisa Guernsey

The notion of offering incentives, including cash rewards, to motivate students to excel academically has arrested the imagination of educators eager to close the achievement gap. Are gold stars, pizza, or cold cash appropriate and effective ways to drive academic performance? Expert opinion and the data are mixed. Tune in and draw your own conclusions.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Edward Deci, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, University of Rochester Department of Clinical & Social Psychology. James Windell, M.A. Author & Clinical Psychologist Oakland County Circuit Court/Family Division. Lisa Guernsey is a mother and journalist who is curious about how new media and technology affect the developing mind. She is also author of Into the Minds of Babes.
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