Six Education Leaders Take Tough Back-to-School Questions to Secretary Arne Duncan

Connelly,Bartoletti, Eberle,Bean, Musso andVinciwith Secretary Arne Duncan

Prominent leaders from across the education community joined Secretary Arne Duncan via conference call, seeking answers to some of their constituents’ biggest back-to-school issues. Secretary Duncan fielded questions from leaders representing school principals, science teachers, Head Start, early childhood educators and school business officials. Funding issues were high on the agenda.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Gail Connelly, ofthe National Association of Elementary School Principals; John Musso, of the Association of School Business Officials International; Joann Bartoletti, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Francis Eberle, of the National Science Teachers Association; Glenda Bean, Southern Early Childhood Association; Yasmina at National Head Start Association.
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