Smart Talk: 3 Ways to Stimulate High-Quality Classroom Conversations

Rae Pica with Sonia Cabell, Stephanie M Curenton, Heidi Veal

High-quality conversations can drive learning on many levels, but stimulating great classroom discussion is a skill. Our guests share the ABCs of encouraging smart talk with students.

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November 14, 2015
Episode Guests
Dr. Sonia Cabell is an education researcher at the University of Virginia. Her work focuses on ways to help preschool teachers improve the quality of their language and literacy instruction, in an effort to prevent later reading difficulties among young children living in poverty. Stephanie M Curenton is the director of the Ecology of School Readiness Lab at Rutgers University where she also serves as an associate professor and Chancellor Scholar. Heidi Veal currently serves students, families, and staff as an Assistant Principal in McKinney, Texas at her district’s only Early Childhood School, Lawson ECS. Before life as an administrator Heidi served as an Elementary Instructional Coach and as a RtI Specialist.
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