Stealth Bullies: The Hidden Face of Bullying

Rae Pica with Stan Davis, Karin S. Frey, Ph.D, Sarah D. Sparks

Despite all of the attention to the problem of bullying, much of it continues under the radar of many teachers and parents. In this segment we shine a light on the hidden side of bullying, explain why it often goes undetected and discuss strategies to deal with it.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Stan Davis, social worker and school counselor, is the Founder of Stop Bullying Now. Karin S. Frey, Ph.D. is Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, where she is teaching a course entitled, Bullies, victims, and bystanders: Social power in school and workplace. Dr. Frey led the development of Steps to Respect, an effective anti-bullying program for grades 3-6. Reporter Sarah D. Sparks writes a blog called Inside School Research for Education Week.
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