Strategies for Teaching Speaking to English Language Learners

Larry Ferlazzo with Maryann Zehr, Valentina Gonzalez, Sarah Said

English languages learners are often hesitant to speak in class. In this episode, we identify strategiesto encourage ELL students to speak in class.

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January 14, 2019
Episode Guests
Valentina Gonzalez is a Professional Development Specialist for ELLs in Katy, Texas. Her 20 years of teaching experience include teaching multiple grades as well as serving K-5 as an ESL specialty teacher and district program facilitator. Sarah Said has spent years overseeing ELL programming in schools in Illinois. In addition to her role as a Director of Language and Equity programs, she is also a contributor for ELL Confianza. Mary Ann Zehr teaches 9th-grade English at Harrisonburg High School in Virginia. Previously she taught English and history to English-language learners for seven years in D.C. public schools.
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