Success With Newcomers and English Language Learners

Dr. Chaunte Garrett with Dr. Margarita Calderon and Shawn Slakk

Join us for a discussion on the best ways to support students who are new to the country or still struggling with learning in English.

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August 11, 2019
Episode Guests
Dr. Margarita Calderon and Shawn Slakk are co-authors of "Success with Multicultural Newcomers and English Learners: Proven Practices for School Leadership Teams." She is Johns Hopkins University professor emerita and has served on national preschool to 12th-grade literacy panels. She has authored, co-authored, or edited more than 100 books, articles, and chapters. Shawn Slakk is vice president of operations and senior consultant for Margarita Calderón & Associates, where he and his colleagues train teachers and administrators how to consolidate language, literacy, and content for English learners and all other students. Dr. Chaunte Garrett is a longtime educator, speaker, and presenter, as well as an ASCD Emerging Leader.
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