Talking Candidly to Teens About Contemporary Racial Issues

Honest Discourse
Talking Candidly with Teens about Contemporary Racial Issues
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with David Pilgrim, David Bloomfield

Yes, we’ve come a long way as a nation on the subject of race but we still have far to go. How can parents and teachers facilitate honest, and safe discussion on the contemporary racial issues with which the current generation will have to grapple.

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January 12, 2012
Episode Guests
David Pilgrim, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Ferris State University, a leading expert on issues relating to multiculturalism, diversity, and race relations. Dr. Pilgrim is best known as the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum -- a 7,000 piece collection of racist artifacts located at Ferris State University. Dr. David Bloomfield is Professor of Education Leadership, Law, and Policy at Brooklyn College and the City Univ. of NY Graduate Center and author of American Public Education Law.
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