Talking Seriously About Video Games and Common Core

Andrew Miller and Terry Heick with Clark Aldrich

The prospect of using video games to teach common core subjects may still seem far fetched to many teachers. In this inaugural episode we look at the current state of game based learning, the promise, the challenges, some of the most popular games and the road ahead.

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February 25, 2013
Episode Guests
Clark Aldrich is one of the top educational simulation designers in the world. As well as the founder and Managing Partner of Clark Aldrich Designs, Aldrich is a global education visionary, industry analyst, and speaker who serves on boards of universities, of companies, and in the intelligence community (where he has Top Secret clearance). Clients include Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola, Department of Defense, and World Anti-Doping Agency. Aldrich is also the author of five books. He is editor of, a free database of simulations and serious games.
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