Teacher Negativity: Turning Naysayers into Hooraysayers

Debra Viadero, Neila Connors with Holly Elissa Bruno

Change is the status quo in a teacher’s life – new students, new families, new superintendents, new education reforms and funding changes. But according to our guest, resisting change and general posture of negativity toward change is pervasive among teachers. Is there something education leaders can do to turn the nattering nabobs of negativity into cheerleaders and change agents? Yes! Tune in and get some new strategies to help you lead change now.
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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Debra Viadero is an associate editor at Education Week, where she primarily covers research related to education and writes a blog called Inside School Research. Neila Connors has been an elementary teacher, a middle level teacher and administrator, and a high school advanced placement coordinator. Her recent endeavor involves a business partnership with Union Pacific Railroad, working with high school administrators in 22 states.
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