Teacher Voice, Teacher Leaders: Who Has the Time?

Rae Pica withPhylis Hoffman, David B. Cohen, Nancy Flanagan

In this segment we explore the need to amplify teacher voice and teacher leadership in education policy decisions.

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January 25, 2015
Episode Guests
Phylis Hoffman is a NBCT 2nd grade teacher at Harry Bridges Span School in Wilmington, CA. She spent 10 years out of the classroom as a categorical program advisor and literacy coach. David B. Cohen is a NBCT at Palo Alto High School in California. A veteran of multiple teacher leadership projects, he is currently on leave from his teaching position, traveling around California to work on a writing project about public schools and teachers. Nancy Flanagan is a retired teacher, with 31 years as a K-12 Music specialist in the Hartland, Michigan schools. Flanagan is co-founder of the Network of Michigan Educators and her blog, Teacher in a Strange Land, is featured on Education Week’s Teacher division.
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