Teacher/Parent Relationships: When the Going Gets Rough

Rae Pica with Jessica Lahey, Allen Mendler, Lee Kolbert, Nancy Flanagan

Parents are partners in the process of educating students, with a shared interest in the outcome. But what happens when that partnership is not a love connection? How do you deal with parents when the relationship is a rocky one? Our guests offer some time-tested advice.

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October 22, 2013
Episode Guests
Jessica Lahey is an educator who writes about parenting and education for the New York Times, the Atlantic, and Vermont Public Radio. Dr. Allen Mendler, trainer and author, develops effective frameworks and strategies for educators to help difficult youth succeed. Lee Kolbert is a blogger, educator, and self-proclaimed geek. She has been with Palm Beach County Schools for over 27 years. Nancy Flanagan is a retired teacher with 31 years as a K-12 music specialist.
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