Teachers Solicit Undercover Students to Crack the Code on Student Engagement

Nicholas Provenzano and Timothy Gwynn

From a clandestine bunker in an undisclosed school district, Nick and Tim speak anonymously with five students about why some teachers captivate them while others bore them to texting. Breaking the code of silence the group revealed some invaluable insights into the elusive rules of student engagement before being spirited away to the witness protection program. Listen, laugh, learn.

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Episode Guests
Nicholas Provenzano is The Nerdy Teacher, Educator, speaker, writer, and consultant. Nick is the ’Lady Gaga’ of teaching and the 2013 MACUL Technology Using Teacher of the Year. Timothy Gwynn is a Tech Facilitator in North Carolina. Passionate about education & a fan of technology, he currently works at a K-5 school and is passionate about Educational Technology.
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