Teaching Students the Fabulous Five Essential Skills

Rachael George with Tom Hoerr, Ph.D.

Our guest wrote the book on the fundamental formative skills we need to cultivate in every student.

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December 8, 2016
Episode Guests
Tom Hoerr, PhD is head of New City School in St. Louis. His latest book is The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs (ASCD). He also writes a monthly column for “The Principal Connection,” an educational leadership magazine. He has led schools for 36 years, and has written on leadership, faculty collegiality, and multiple intelligences. He initiated and taught in the Non-Profit Management Program at Washington University in St. Louis. Rachael George is the principal of Sandy Grade School in the Oregon Trail School District and an ASCD Emerging Leader.
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