Teaching What Matters Most: Discussing the Elephant in the Classroom

Larry Ferlazzo with Lorena German, Stephen Lazar and Adeyemi Stembridge, Ph.D.

Our guests say that if we fail to talk about sensitive real-world topics in the classroom, our students may see education as pretend and see us as frauds. Tough language, do you agree or disagree?.

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October 27, 2016
Episode Guests
Lorena German was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Lawrence, MA. She’s a 12-year educator, a writer, teacher coach, and twice nationally recognized for her leadership and equity-focused pedagogy. Stephen Lazar teaches high school students social studies and English at Harvest Collegiate High School, a public school (NY). Adeyemi Stembridge, PhD is an educational consultant specializing in equity-focused school-improvement. He is a coach and thought-partner to teachers and administrators.
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