Teen Apathy: “I Don’t Care and You Can’t Make Me”

Dr. Lamourelle with Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D, Shannon McClintock Miller

It’s quite normal for teens to become uncaring about certain things at stages in their development. However, under some conditions teen apathy can be symptomatic of a larger problem that needs your attention. Our guests help us to understand the various expressions of teen apathy and how parents can respond.

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June 8, 2013
Episode Guests
Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D.is author of SURVIVING YOUR CHILD’S ADOLESCENCE. Shannon McClintock Miller is the district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa. She blogs at Van Meter Library Voice and can be found on Twitter at @shannonmmiller. She also enjoys presenting, consulting, and making a difference in education.
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