The Basic Needs Required for Any Student to Learn

Rae Pica withKay Albrecht, Ph.D.,Lori L Desautels, Ph.D., Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.

Our guests say that if basic students’ needs are not met, learning is difficult and in some cases impossible. What are the basic needs that must be met to enable learning?

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Episode Guests
Kay Albrecht, Ph.D. is president of Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Houston, TX. Teaching in some capacity has been the bulk of Kay’s life work. She created Exchange’s Out of the Box Early Childhood Training Kits, wrote The Right Fit: Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Staff. Lori L Desautels, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Marian University teaching the the neuro-diversity of learning and the implications for the teaching and learning process looking at students with pain based behaviors. Author of Unwritten, The Story of a Living System, (winter 2015). Peter DeWitt (Ed.D.) is a former school principal in Upstate, NY, and he is now a Visible Learning trainer. His syndicated blog Finding Common Ground is published by Education Week and he is a freelance writer for Vanguard Magazine.
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