The Classic Classroom Management Mistake and How to Avoid It

Rae Pica with Sarah Fillion, Olga Jarrett, Jason Flom, Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.

There is an approach to handling behavioral issues in the classroom that is broadly known to be ineffective, yet it is widely used and endorsed by school administrators. Learn more…

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November 20, 2013
Episode Guests
Sarah Fillion is a professional development designer and consultant for the Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.’s Responsive Classroom. Olga Jarrett, PhD, is Professor of Early Childhood Education at Georgia State University. She is both a recess researcher and a recess advocate. Jason Flom is Director of Learning Platforms at Q.E.D. Foundation Peter DeWitt, Ed.D., has been a principal in upstate NY since 2006. He blogs at Finding Common Ground for Education Week.
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