The Danger of Silence: Cultivating the Skills and Courage to Confront the Challenges We Face in School

Larry Ferlazzo with Meg Riordan (L) Marian Dingle (C) and Deana Simpson (R)

Often silence is the default response to confronting the challenges and dangers we all face in the education community. In this episode, we talk about the skills and level of courage required to deal with the issues we often tolerate quietly.

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January 21, 2020
Episode Guests
Meg Riordan, Ph.D., is the Chief Learning Officer at The Possible Project (TPP), an after-school program that partners with youth to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills, career readiness, and propel students towards post-secondary opportunities and economic mobility. Marian Dingle is a veteran educator of twenty-one years.  As a Heinemann Fellow, she is researching the ways in which positive cultural identity affects student confidence, efficacy, and academic performance. She is the Chief Learning Officer at The Possible Project. Deana Simpson is the principal at Monroe Center Grade School and in love with being a first-grade teacher, a 4th-grade teacher, and an ELA instructional coach.  This path is where she found her leadership ability.
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