The Look, Sound and Feel of Effective Student Engagement

Cathy Beck, Kathy Dyer, Sarah Said and Samantha Cortez

What are the indicators and markers of authentic effective student engagement? Join us as we go down the list. How many are present in your classroom?

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September 30, 2019
Episode Guests

Cathy Beck is currently the Superintendent of Cheatham County Schools in Middle Tennessee. She is the author of Easy and Effective Professional Development, and Leading Learning for ELL Students. Kathy Dyer is Manager of Innovation and Learning for the Professional Learning team at NWEA. She has more than 25 years of experience in education, many spent designing and facilitating learning opportunities for educators. Coaching teachers and school leadership on getting better at what they do is her passion. Sarah Said is the Director of English Learning at Chicago Ridge School District. Sarah manages three different bilingual programs in Arabic, Spanish, and Polish and she has been a teacher, Dean of Curriculum and EL Director. Sarah Said has spent years overseeing ELL programming in schools in Illinois.  She is a Director of Language and Equity programs, she is also a contributor for ELL Confianza is also a course writer for English Learner portal. Samantha Cortez is a bilingual mathematics teacher from Pasadena ISD (TX) where she has five years of experience teaching young mathematicians in Grades 1 and 3. Samantha is a contributing author to one of Dr. Nicki Newton’s books, Mathematizing Your School.

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