The Message in the Music

Maryann Harman with Tom Chapin, Red Grammer, Natalie Wickham

For our guests in this segment, their music is all about the message. Their aim is to deliver powerful positive messages to children about the world and the possibilities it holds. Tune in and hear how they shape and deliver their messages with music.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Tom Chapin’s music spans styles and generations for more than 30 years and through 20 compact discs. He has entertained audiences of all ages with life-affirming original songs. Red Grammer is one of the premier entertainers of children and families in the world. His classic recording, Teaching Peace, was called one of the top five children’s recordings of all time by the All Music Guide. Natalie Wickham is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music and is the founder of Music Matters Blog.
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