The Value of Arts in Education

Rae Pica with Jennifer Stuart, Mimi Flaherty, Lisa Guernsey

Art as a subject is often viewed as a second-class citizen in the education community. Today’s guests outline the essential role that art plays in early childhood development and beyond.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Jennifer Stuart is an art teacher at Friends School San Francisco & Co-editor, Artful Teaching: Integrating the Arts for Understanding Across the Curriculum K-8. Mimi Flaherty Willis is the Senior Director of Education Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts Early Childhood Learning through the Arts program. Lisa Guernsey is the Director of New America’s Early Education Initiative. Lisa Guernsey is a regular contributor to the Early Ed Watch blog and has been writing about education, technology and social science for nearly 15 years.
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