Tipping Point? Rethinking School Security, a Superintendent’s Guide

Dan Domenech with Gregory Thomas, Gary Mathews, Wm. E Roberts,Michael Dorn

Some are calling the tragedy at Newtown a tipping point that may usher in radical changes in school security. According to a survey conducted by the American Association of School Administrators of some 11,000 members, over 90% reported that they had begun reviewing their school security plans over the weekend. To provide some strategic guidance and insight, AASA has assembled a highly experienced and skilled team of school security experts to help rethink school security issues from SROs to arming principals and teachers.

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December 20, 2012
Episode Guests
Gregory Thomas is former director of security of New York City Schools. Dr. Gary Mathews is superintendent of the Newton County Schools in Covington, GA. Dr. William E. “Rob” Roberts is a retired superintendent of Nye County School District, the largest geographical school district in the contiguous U.S. Michael Dorn has worked in the field of school safety for 33 years and has published 26 books on school safety.
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