Tracking Students Was Dead, but Now…

Rae Pica with Joann DiGennaro, Carol Burris, Patrick Riccards, Nancy Blair

Grouping students by ability, or what was traditionally called tracking, fell out of favor a decade ago but is making a comeback. What’s driving the resurgence? What’s the impact? What are the current pros and cons?

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August 21, 2013
Episode Guests
Joann DiGennaro, President, Center for Excellence in Education, is author of "Science Literacy: Essential for Decision Making." Carol Burris is principal of South Side High School in the Rockville Centre School District in NY and co-author of "Detracking for Excellence and Equity." Patrick Riccards is a communications and policy expert and also blogs for Eduflack. Nancy Blair is a professional development consultant, former teacher, and school administrator.
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