Using Dogs in Schools to Teach Social Skills, Heal Emotional Ills and Fight Bullying

Holly Elissa Bruno with Adele Little, Ann Ditty, Joe Mazza

Our guest has developed a program that uses rescue dogs in schools to teach skills like empathy, heal emotional ills and fight bullying. The program’s director has reported significant success, so we asked a couple of school leaders to help us determine whether programs like these are a truly viable way to make a difference in children’s lives.

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Episode Guests
Adele Little is the Executive Director of Healing Species, a Violence Prevention and Compassion Education organization. Ann Ditty is Past President of the National Association that provides education and consultation for licensors and agencies responsible for child care programs. Dr. Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza) is lead learner at @KnappElementary in suburban Philadelphia. He is co-moderator and host of weekly #PTchat.
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