Using the 3 C’s of Mindfulness to Increase Concentration in the Classroom

Rachael George with Thomas Armstrong

Classrooms and learning can be stressful for students and teachers. Join us for a discussion on the strategies for promoting concentration, compassion, and calm. Students with ADHD, self-regulation issues and trauma may benefit as well.

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August 31, 2019
Episode Guests
Thomas Armstrong is an educator, psychologist, and writer.  Armstrong is also an award-winning author and speaker with over 35 years of teaching experience from the primary through the doctoral level. He is the author of several books on learning and human development including his latest, titled Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm (ASCD, 2019). Guest host: Rachael George is principal of Sandy Grade School in the Oregon Trail School District and an ASCD Emerging Leader.
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