What Makes a Game an Effective Learning Activity Versus a Time Waster?

Larry Ferlazzo with Susan Lafond,Michael Fisher, and Eric Schildge

Games can be an effective learning tool, but they can also be a fruitless waste of classroom time. How can we identify the best games for learning?

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April 20, 2019
Episode Guests
Susan Lafond, a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in English as a New Language (EAYA ENL) with 20 years of combined experience teaching ESL and foreign language, advocates on educational issues related to English learners (ELs) and develops training on how to best educate ELs for NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust, the professional learning arm of the statewide teachers’ union. Michael Fisher is a former teacher who is now a full-time author and instructional coach. Eric Schildge is an English/Drama teacher at Sparhawk School in Amesbury, MA. He collaborates with artists, writers, actors, journalists, and other creative professionals to bring learning to life for students.
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