What to Do When Good Lesson Plans Go Wrong

Rae Pica with Bruce Oliver, Sarah Brown Wessling, Jason Flom, Nancy Blair

What should a teacher do when a great lesson plan takes a wrong turn and starts heading south? Our guests toss you a lifeline to grab when you feel yourself and your lesson plan going under.

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October 30, 2013
Episode Guests
Bruce Oliver is an ASK Group Senior Consultant living in Burke, VA. He is also a co-author of Creating a Culture for Learning. Sarah Brown Wessling is a 16-year veteran of the high school English classroom. She teaches at Johnston High School in Johnston, IA and is also teacher laureate for the Teaching Channel. Jason Flom is Director of Learning Platforms at Q.E.D. Foundation. Nancy Blair is a school improvement consultant who frequently worked with the high schools that work and making middle grades work initiatives.
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