What Works: Restorative Practices Versus Traditional School Discipline

Larry Ferlazzo with Sheila Wilson, Timothy Hilton, and Maurice McDavid

What are restorative practices?  How do they differ from traditional school discipline? What is required to do restorative practices effectively?

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December 20, 2019
Episode Guests
Dr. Sheila Wilson is a passionate educator who has been privileged to work with every level of learner: elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate during her three decades in education. A native of New Orleans, she has served in private and public education settings in Louisiana and Virginia. Maurice McDavid is serving as assistant principal at Cortland Elementary School, one of the bilingual schools in the DeKalb, IL school district. As a former middle school Spanish and social studies teacher, he worked with diverse groups of students on diverse curriculum. Timothy Hilton is a Climate and Culture Specialist with Fresno Unified School District where he coaches teachers on classroom management and class climate. Timothy has over 10 years of classroom teaching experience at every level of social studies ranging from Advanced Placement to English Language Development.  Timothy is currently a doctoral candidate at Claremont Graduate University in the field of Educational Policy, Evaluation, and Reform.
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