When Angry Parents Target Teachers, What to Do.

Rae Pica with Jim West, Neill Gibson, Dr. Jann Gumbiner, Deven Black

According to our guests there are many factors driving the increase in angry parents: fewer stay-at-home moms to deal with student issues, increased expectations that schools should solve problems and fix kids, and growing external pressures. Dealing with angry parents can be a teacher’s worst nightmare. Our guests offer some tips, tools and tactics to help.

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January 3, 2013
Episode Guests
Jim West is a counselor and author of the StressLess Series. Neill Gibson is co-author of the book What’s Making You Angry? Dr. Jann Gumbiner is a licensed psychologist specializing in child and adolescent psychology. Beginning as a Head Start preschool teacher who ultimately moved to higher education, Jann is the author of Adolescent Assessment and writes a blog for Psychology Today titled The Teenage Mind. Deven Black is a school librarian and father of an 18-year-old.
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