When Leaders Flunk: The Critical Role of Failure to Success in Education

Megan McArdle and Justin Snider with Holly Elissa Bruno

There’s so much at stake in educating our children and we’ve tried so many strategies that have failed, that there is little tolerance today for educational leaders who fail to deliver results. But our guest argues that even in this age of high stakes accountability, failure is critical to success in education and must be embraced, de-stigmatized and encouraged.
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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Megan McArdle is a Washington, D.C.-based blogger and journalist. She currently serves as the business and economics editor, as well as a blogger for The Atlantic. Justin Snider is a contributing editor at The Hechinger Report and is completing his doctorate in Politics and Education at Columbia University. Previously, Snider taught high school English and advised student publications in the US, Austria and Hong Kong.
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