When Protecting the Profession Clashes with Righting What’s Wrong in Education

Rae Pica, Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Mary Beth Hertz, Marilyn Anderson Rhames

In a climate that many believe is openly hostile to teachers, there’s a widespread sentiment that educators should put a positive face on the profession no matter what. But others feel that unwavering positive spin in the face of obvious wrongdoings is hurting the teaching profession. What’s your take?

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June 25, 2013
Episode Guests
Mary Beth Hertz is a K-8 technology teacher and technology integration specialist in Philadelphia, PA. Marilyn Anderson Rhames is a science teacher in Chicago who writes a weekly blog for Education Week Teacher. Tom Whitby is a contributing editor at SmartBrief and co-founder of #Edchat. Nancy Blair is a school improvement consultant who frequently worked with the High Schools That Work. Rae Pica is an author and the host of Teachers Aid.
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