Working with an Underachieving Teen

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dawn Billings and Sue Blaney

Why do some teens perform far below their capabilities? What sorts of factors can trigger periods of poor achievement and low motivation in adolescents? Our guests identify a number of specific issues that can drive teens to underachieve and offer suggestions for parents.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Selected as one of the nation’s 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project, Dawn Billings is the creator of CAPABLES™ Parent Tool and Child Development system, which won Dr. Toys Best Picks of 2010, and the 2010 Women Entrepreneur Business Award of Excellence for products that inspire and aid moms. She is the author of over 15 books including Greatness and Children: Learn the Rules. Sue Blaney is an award-winning author, speaker, and publisher specializing in supporting parents in successfully raising teenagers.
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