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EduCanon is a great way to turn video lessons into an interactive assessment tool rather than just a means of delivering content. Teachers can embed questions directly within any video from a number of popular sites including YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, and Kahn Academy. Students are given immediate feedback, and they can rewind to review content. You can also see who actually viewed the entire video because students can’t fast forward within lessons, making this a great way to hold students accountable for lessons in the flipped classroom.

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Free accounts are limited to Multiple-Choice and Check-All-That-Apply questions. Teachers can also insert a “Reflective Pause” to add additional text, links, pictures, or other content. Additional question formats and features are available with premium accounts.

If you’re making lessons for the flipped classroom, or just want a way to make interactive instructional videos take a look at eduCannon.

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