Use these 10 educational online resources to write A+ essays


Have you ever made your best efforts to write a brilliant paper according to your professor’s instructions? That didn’t result well, did it? Don’t worry; all students have been in your shoes in one point or another. The difference between successful students and below-average achievers is that people of the first category never give up.

Are you ready to start writing better papers? The solutions are simpler than you ever anticipated. Start exploring the following 10 tools and you’ll surprise yourself with the results you accomplish!

1.Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

You have to start somewhere, don’t you? The best way to improve your essay writing skills is by covering the basics. This guide will help you choose a topic, construct an outline, come up with a strong thesis statement, write the actual essay, and add the finishing touches. The website is not that appealing, but it does provide all information you could possibly need.

Take the time to read the instructions, and you’ll be able to approach your next assignment as an essay writing master.

2.International Student – General Essay Writing Tips

Students don’t like general tips. They are always looking for precise instructions they can implement with no effort. However, the tips at this website are very practical. You will understand exactly what the authors are telling you to do. If you don’t have the time to read all general tips at this website, pay attention to the DO and DO NOT sections. Thanks to these instructions, you’ll be able to avoid the mistakes that frustrate college and university professors.

3.University of Toronto – Some General Advice on Academic Essay Writing

The actual guide provided by the University of Toronto is quite short and simple. However, the links below this text are a real treasure. Read the guide and then explore the additional materials. If you want to develop advanced-level academic writing skills, you’ll appreciate tips on how to understand the topic, use thesis statements, take notes during the research process, overcome writer’s block, make effective transitions, eliminate wordiness, and more.

4.Assignment Help

Sometimes you get a really challenging topic that you cannot handle. In other cases, you understand the assignment and you already have the initial ideas, but you cannot find enough time to complete it. Bookmark this website: it’s the solution you need in times of urgency. You can collaborate with writers who specialize in the niche of your choice.

Don’t forget to explore the free resources at the website. The glossary of essay writing terms will enable you to analyze and understand the instructions your teacher provided. The blog features awesome articles that will inspire you to become a better writer.

5.Guide to Grammar and Writing

This guide, sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, is an effective resource for all students who want to develop masterful grammar skills. There are different categories you can explore: word & sentence, paragraph, essay & research paper, and more. Each section comes with different guides and resources, so you’ll have enough materials to practice essay writing on a daily basis.

6.8 Tips for Crafting Your Best College Essay

Unlike most online writing guides you’ll come across to, this one is written in friendly, inspiring style. You won’t get stiff instructions that make you feel bad about not being committed enough. These brief tips will inspire you to start with the brainstorming stage and proceed with the rest of the process without procrastinating it.

7.WikiHow – How to Write an Essay

If you really want to improve your essays, you’ll need to follow few different guides and discover your unique voice. That’s exactly what you’ll focus on if you follow wikiHow’s guidance. The article covers the entire writing process, from the research to the revision stage. In addition, you’ll also find specific tips on how to write a persuasive, expository, and narrative essay.

8.Essay Forum

You have precise questions, but you don’t want to bother your professor with them? This is the right website for you. First of all, it’s important to use the search bar; maybe you’ll already find the answers you need. If that doesn’t happen, you can start your own thread and expect feedback from forum members who are willing to help. Don’t forget: this is an open forum, so it’s natural to come across some trolling and judgment. However, you’ll also get useful guidance through the writing stages.

9.Essay Structure

You need to master the essay structure before you can brag with your improved writing skills. When a paper is organized to perfection, your professor will easily understand your arguments. Essays are supposed to be linear pieces of content – they offer one idea at a time. This guide teaches you how to achieve that effect by focusing on a predictable, but effective structure.

10.Hemingway App

Don’t aim for complex sentences that lose the reader’s attention. This app will help you achieve Hemingway’s writing style, which is characterized with strength and precision. Follow the highlights and edit the sentences that are too long. The app will also indicate words or phrases that can be simpler, adverbs, and passive voice.

Thanks to the online resources listed above, you’ll be able to improve the form, style, and essence of your paper. If you start working on your projects on time and pay attention to the tips you discovered, you can expect great results and your professors’ admiration.


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