Charlotte Hendricks

I have promoted health and safety education for young children, parents, and teachers for over 35 years. With Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Western Kentucky University, and a Doctoral degree from Indiana University, my career began with a district health department; and continued through higher education, Head Start, and national research projects. I provide training for early childhood programs, and for state and national conferences. These high energy presentations address national standards and best practice, while providing practical and cost-effective solutions to issues facing caregivers, teachers, and parents. Guide programs in Disaster Preparedness. Write and prepare resouces and other documents, and direct projects. Recent publications include HIP on Health® Health Information for Caregivers and Families (2014); Disaster Planning and Preparedness in Early Childhood and Schoolage Care Settings (2015); Quick Guide to Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings (2016), and Growing, Growing Strong: A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children series (2014). Other publications include curriculum and resources for the National Association for Education of Young Children, the American School Health Association, and the California Department of Education. I served as Editor of Healthy CHILDCare magazine for 16 years.
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